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What We Do

Our Model

The Wayside Equity Training Center offers an individualized approach to assist organizations in beginning or advancing their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work. Flexible modules make it possible to customize trainings to meet your organization’s specific needs whether you are at the beginning of your journey or are advanced.

Our programs have a demonstrable impact in meeting clear Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals by applying an equity lens (and ultimately anti-racist lens) to every aspect of an organization’s operations from hiring and training to how staff interact with clients and building programs that actively account for how race, racism and discrimination impact the healing process.

Wayside’s Equity Training Center staff will address ways to:

  • Foster an equitable internal environment for employees by addressing power dynamics and structural processes that may limit professional growth; and creating a more respectful environment.
  • Offer competent care to clients by recognizing the challenges and burdens clients face as a direct result of race and adjust individual interactions, programs and policies to address race-based traumas, mental health issues, physical health concerns, etc.
  • Develop equitable/respectful relationships between staff and families by limiting risks of implicit and explicit bias on communication and relationship building.

A pathway to success

The Wayside Equity Center trainers work with Equity Change Agents to create a “level playing field” environment where all employees and program participants are aware that explicit conversations about race are difficult but critical in creating an anti-racist organization. By tailoring programs to specific client goals and operational needs, the Equity Change Agents develop and track metrics for success.

The Wayside Equity Center encourages its Equity Change Agents to embrace accountability – evaluating organizational strategy and operations through an equity lens. This is especially import and extends to the top levels of senior leadership requiring them to be courageous, acknowledge missteps and clearly communicate how solutions will be implemented.

Build Trust

Advance Culture

Create Social Capital

Find Equity


Who We Train

The Wayside Equity Training Center partners with organizations – we like to call them Equity Change Agents – from multiple sectors. Our Equity Change Agents include:

  • Human services organizations
  • Nonprofits including boards, committees and volunteers
  • Community organizations (arts/culture, education, advocacy, healthcare, youth and family, etc.).

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