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Real impact and lasting change from your DEI&J initiatives.

Find a clear plan based on field-tested strategies for building an equitable, anti-racist culture in your workplace.


Plans Designed for Your Specific Needs


Clear Policies and Procedures to Follow


Measurable, Demonstrable Transformation

DEI&J training often leaves you with more questions than answers. Many teams feel like they’re drifting through a sea of well-intentioned advice without a clear route to follow.

  • One-off training events present important concepts without a long-term plan specific to your needs.
  • And ultimately, what works for another organization might not be right for yours.

Find your pathway to lasting cultural change.

We believe your commitment to DEI&J deserves individualized support and a comprehensive strategy for transformation.

Empower Courageous Conversations

A shared team methodology unlocks honest dialogue and forward momentum.

Open Doors for Wounds to Heal

No more trauma swept under the rug. Learn to process difficult moments and strengthen your team.

Make Measurable Progress

Clear policies and procedures paired with faithfully-tracked metrics inspire progress and growth.

Get clear guidance from a team who is doing the work.

Wayside Equity Training Services is a division of the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network. We know how hard it is to make meaningful progress because we’ve been doing the work ourselves for more than a decade.

We’ve learned from the school of hard knocks while transitioning our 45-year-old organization and staff of 500 professionals to a more equitable, anti-racist culture.

The work never ends, but we’re here to say progress can be made. Wayside now ranks in the 88 percent of agencies nationally in staff satisfaction with our commitment to diversity.

Acquire the essentials for building an equitable culture.


A Customized Plan

We meet your organization where it is in the work and build a roadmap that meets your specific needs.


Clear Policies and Procedures

The key to lasting change is maintaining consistent guidelines and expectations for your staff.


Metrics for Measuring Success

It’s vital to find the right KPI’s, track them, and report back to your people often with full transparency.

Customized DEI&J Training
and Support Packages

Wayside Equity Training Service uses a tiered membership model to deliver customized
training tracks from the topics below, as well as ongoing support for your team.

Courageous Conversations

Skill building for participants and organizations to have collaborative cross-racial and anti-oppression conversations that move towards action and change.

Implementing Equity Strategic Change

These trainings help you develop individualized strategic plans with concrete action steps. This is the answer for questions like “where do we start?” and “what do we do?”

Leveraging Whiteness: From White Privilege to White Accountability & Action

This series of trainings specifically addresses white supremacy culture and power in organizations. This training lets white people know what to do to have an impactful anti-racist practice.

Culturally Competent Supervision & Leadership

These trainings are about understanding the power dynamics embedded in supervision. This track also provides one-on-one consultation services for leaders.

LGBTQIA+ Basics: Fostering Inclusivity

This training series equips organizations with the knowledge and strategies to cultivate an inclusive and affirming environment. We demystify LGBTQIA+ vocabulary and challenge normative assumptions, promoting equity and a sense of belonging for all.

Customized Training Selection

At Wayside Equity Training Services, we understand that each organization is unique. Choose from our diverse array of training offerings, and we’ll tailor a program that fits your specific needs and objectives.

The Wayside Equity Training Center has been a tremendous asset in promoting equity in the region. Their ability to provide frameworks and practical action steps for organizations to create more equitable and inclusive work environments and services serves as a catalyst for tangible progress. The MetroWest Health Foundation has contracted with them to facilitate multiple workshop series for our grantees and the larger nonprofit community in the region. The feedback has been very positive. They are an integral partner in furthering health equity in the region.

– Rebecca Gallo, MSW, MPH

Senior Program Officer, Community Engagement MetroWest Health Foundation

Wayside Youth & Family Services understands that antiracism is on-going work and integrates their commitment to racial justice across everything they do. That commitment distinguishes them as a truly exceptional organization.

Robin DiAngelo, PhD

We are very grateful to Guimel, Amy and Wayside for assisting Brandon with driving Brandon’s goal for DEI recognition amongst our staff and supporting us as we worked to focus our goals. As a result of this project and tremendous assistance we received, Brandon has begun to tackle many topics related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and has initially developed a DEI Strategic Plan. At Brandon we want every employee to show up each day without fear of being their true selves, which means we must always be having courageous conversations something we are deeply committed to making happen.

Rachel Berry
Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Residential Treatment Center

I am thrilled to hear of Wayside’s new Equity Training Center. I highly recommend the Wayside team to anyone organization looking to increase their DEI work within their organization. Last summer Wayside stepped in to support Medford on the topic of Race and Racism following the social and community outrage of the killing of George Floyd and other un-armed people of color at the hands of law enforcement officers. Over the course of 2 months Wayside provided 7 different topic-based trainings to support their fellow Medford community-based organizations on a journey to better understand “White Fragility”, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within their organizations, and how to talk about Anti-Racism with kids. Additionally, they host a two-day training on how to have Courageous Conversations about racism.

Penelope Funaiole
Prevention and Outreach Manger, City of Medford Health Department

Wayside Youth and Family Support Network’s commitment to racial justice is clear. May they be a model for how other agencies can work to ensure antiracist practice and service.


Robin DiAngelo
Academic and Author of White Fragility: Why is it So Hard for White People to Talk About Race?

Here are Your Next Steps


Take the DEI&J Self-Assessment

This brief survey helps us understand how to meet you in your journey before our first consultation.


Receive a Customized Plan

We craft the membership plan and combination of DEI&J courses that match your budget and needs.


Create Lasting Change

During the next 6-12 months, your team learns the skills and strategies needed to build an equitable, anti-racist culture.

Download our Free Resource: The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Toolkit

This in-depth guide provides tools to:

  • Guide you and your team as you work to assess DEI&J within your own agency
  • Develop strategies and take action to advance your own organizational goals
  • Establish processes for continuous evaluation and improvement of your chosen DEI&J practices.

Wayside Equity Training Services

DEI&J training often leaves you with more questions than answers about how it applies specifically to your organization. We provide an individualized, comprehensive plan for cultural change so you can build an equitable, anti-racist workplace for your team.

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