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At Wayside Equity Training Center, we understand the catalyst of calls for change is not enough- we have work to do to make the changes happen. At Wayside Equity Training Center, we know that racial trauma thrives in cultures that remain silent on what matters, and we recognize that it is not just the responsibility of marginalized communities to combat racism. Every individual, especially those who identify as white, has a role to play in confronting racism and its impact on us all.

Our approach is grounded in real-world solutions – real tools, real strategies, and genuine, connected conversations. We train with two trainers to role model real relationships talking about topics within power dynamics. We aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge to foster sustainable change. We explore topics like understanding culture, race in supervision, unpacking whiteness, and its pervasive influence on our daily work lives, and advocating for equity, whether related to ableism, LGBTQ+ issues, or people of all races and backgrounds.

Our goal is to empower non-profit organizations to in action for equity.
We know with the right training, the right heart/ mind set and the right people, we believe all have the potential to be at the forefront of this vital movement. We provide the tools needed to move forward confidently and effectively. We know the leadership needs to come by those who have been impacted by racism, and oppression and we think our work will be the map so we can travel well together.

Join us on this transformative work towards a world where the best thing is the change, we make together through the Wayside Equity Training Center.

Contact us today to learn more and embark on this journey towards a more equitable aspiring anti- racist workplace and society.


Circle of Trust:
We support creating a Brave Space that
honors individuals and core anti-racism values. Inspired by Emergent Strategy by adrianne maree brown, our approach to trust-building is guided by these principles:

  • Small actions are significant.
  • Embrace constant change.
  • Prioritize the right work.
  • Engage in unique conversations.
  • Learn from failures.
  • Trust builds trustworthiness.
  • Move at the speed of trust.
  • Focus on connections over mass.
  • Be present.
  • Nurture what you focus on.

We practice our work through relationships, using “Turn the stone” to remind us that issues have many facets. This helps us navigate change effectively.

We believe in Courageous Conversations and Co-Liberated Connections.
Dr. Ken Hardy’s Validation skill is essential for restoring care and inviting non-confrontational discussions. We offer the techniques of Validate, Challenge & Request in conversations that seem difficult and/ or cross oppression.

We value calling in and listening as vital for emotional intelligence and co-liberation. We know our work is about people and therefore our willingness to self–reflect, engage with feedback and practice accountability are core components of working to build connected values and work.

Social Capital:
We foster trust-based networks to build a culture of trust and reciprocity, encouraging strong relationships. We study power-dynamics and we don’t shy away from addressing the impact of power on relationships and work.

Equity Lens:
We evaluate our strategies and daily activities through an equity lens, ensuring inclusivity in language, policies, evaluations, and decision-making.


Wayside’s senior leadership team has more than a decade of experience gained from transforming its culture into one where all aspects of the agency are examined through an equity lens. The process is ongoing and involves exploring issues that arise when Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is embedded into an organization, from changing practices to investing in training, adding staff and resources.

Wayside has continually built upon its learning by adjusting policies, examining hiring practices and improving employee benefits to reflect its deep commitment to support its employees who are at the center of creating an anti-racist organization. This model is the foundation of the Wayside Equity Training Center.

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