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Customized DEI&J Training
and Support Packages

Wayside Equity Training Service uses a tiered membership model to deliver customized
training tracks from the topics below, as well as ongoing support for your team.

Courageous Conversations Workshop

Skill building for participants and organizations to have collaborative cross-racial and anti-oppression conversations that move towards action and change.

Equity Strategic Planning Workshop

These trainings help you develop individualized strategic plans with concrete action steps. This is the answer for questions like “where do we start?” and “what do we do?”

White Accountability & Action Workshop

This series of trainings specifically addresses white supremacy culture and power in organizations. This training lets white people know what to do to have an impactful anti-racist practice.

Cultural Competency Promoter Workshop

These trainings are about understanding the power dynamics embedded in supervision. This track also provides one-on-one consultation services for leaders.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Workplace Builder

This training series equips organizations with the knowledge and strategies to cultivate an inclusive and affirming environment. We demystify LGBTQIA+ vocabulary and challenge normative assumptions, promoting equity and a sense of belonging for all.

Customized Training Selection

At Wayside Equity Training Services, we understand that each organization is unique. Choose from our diverse array of training offerings, and we’ll tailor a program that fits your specific needs and objectives.

Membership Details

The Wayside Equity Training Center offers a range of services to organizations from short engagements (one-time training) to continuous facilitation (training series and consultations). This includes continuing educational workshops, group facilitation, community presentations, and “train the trainer” models of training.

We now also offer a membership model, where we develop cohorts and guide them through the DEI&J Toolkit strategic planning process, our Courageous Conversations/Culturally Competent Management process, or a combination of both.

Book a consultation today to review the best option for you!

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