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For over nine years, Carlton has operated as a Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Consultant tasked with spearheaded institutional systems and procedures for Wayside Youth & Family Network. During this time, he has collaborated with the Director of People & Culture and the President/CEO to generate DEI policies and practices for a workforce of more than 450 employees.

Some key initiatives and successes include:

  • Building and implementing the organization’s founding principles, creating five key strategic objectives while establishing matrices for all targets.
  • Co-creating guidelines and curriculum for DEI introductory classes necessary for all new hires during employee orientation.
  • Focusing on personnel commitment to onboard and support individuals aligned with the agency’s commitment to diversity, evidenced by annual survey results revealing findings of reduced bias and prejudice toward others.
  • Improvement of 5% in recruiting people of color for managerial and supervisor roles in all management categories.

Pursuant to his career goals, professional experience, and desire to help others, Carlton launched Business Organization Resources to help businesses in various sectors seeking to prioritize DEI practices in the workplace. For over eight years, he has assisted companies in pursuing a more diverse and inclusive environment by adopting an anti-racism methodology. As such, he leads risk management endeavors by executing programs focused on detecting and eliminating systematic racism.

Some key initiatives and priorities include:

  • Supporting corporations in creating and executing accountability key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor progression and results.
  • Administering counseling services to teenagers, men, women, and couples, including trauma-informed counseling to enhance their quality of life.
  • Coaching and developing managers to achieve and sustain improvement in performance to maximize program and organizational achievement.
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