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I am thrilled to hear of Wayside’s new Equity Training Center. I highly recommend the Wayside team to anyone organization looking to increase their DEI work within their organization. Last summer Wayside stepped in to support Medford on the topic of Race and Racism following the social and community outrage of the killing of George Floyd and other un-armed people of color at the hands of law enforcement officers. Over the course of 2 months Wayside provided 7 different topic-based trainings to support their fellow Medford community-based organizations on a journey to better understand “White Fragility”, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within their organizations, and how to talk about Anti-Racism with kids. Additionally, they host a two-day training on how to have Courageous Conversations about racism.

Penelope Funaiole
Prevention and Outreach Manger, City of Medford Health Department

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