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10 Ways We Are Practicing Gratitude

We are grateful for your support of our work with youth, families and organizations that are working to become anti-racist.
We celebrate our connections and our commitment to truth. We are glad to be held accountable and acknowledge that we are all working to be better versions of ourselves.
10 Ways We Are Practicing Gratitude:
  • We are grateful for those of us who are afraid to do it wrong but are more afraid to do nothing.
  • We are thankful for words to describe racial trauma; the pain that is underneath our hearts and is unseen or unheard. This language gives us a way to tell our stories.
  • We are thankful to look up, at times even rise toward a world we don’t have yet – a place where all beings belong and are free.
  • We are thankful for our ancestors and draw upon their strength to fight with words and deeds in the hope that one-day peace will be our leader.
  • We are thankful for the first Americans who despite being harmed in every possible violent way continued to love their people and our land.
  • We are thankful for those who call us in to explore our privilege.
  • We are thankful for teachers, co-liberators, and friends.
  • We are thankful for those who despite disappointment and heartbreak, continue to work to repair and rebuild their relationships and honor all communities.
  • We are thankful, as an agency that is committed to anti-racism and courageous conversations, for our willingness to ask difficult questions and be open to making real change happen.
  • We are thankful for those who have lost so much and still believe that this country can be a home to all people who want to be here.

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